My Rules

  • Run the length of every street within the city limits, including alleys and stairs. Pittsburgh has many “named” alleys and several “named” stairs. Within this spirit are exceptions:
    • Any road which is generally inaccessible to pedestrians is simply off-limits. E.g No interstates, no bus ways, no private, gated roadways,
    • No unpaved green-ways between houses. (Yes, this happens)
    • If you look on on Google maps and zoom in, you might see “streets” in Pittsburgh which really don’t exist. These are called “paper” streets. Needless to say, I don’t have to run on paper streets.
    • Dead-ends are a special case. Generally I should run to the end of the dead-end, but if it’s long and creepy, then running about half-way will count. (After all, you have to run back out, right?)
  • Running on either side of the road counts as running on that road.
  • To count, runs must be tracked with a GPS automatically. If there are technical difficulties and the GPS data is bad, the run will have to be re-done.
    • I will typically be using a Garmin and posting the Strava data from the run as evidence that I completed a street.
  • “Running” is a loose term. I might run slow, or run fast, or stop and take pictures, but running at any pace is the goal. Walks breaks during runs is fine. Walking the whole street is not.
  • Safety overrides other rules. I expect that most streets will be safe enough at some time.

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