Washington’s Landing and Troy Hill

RATS #00218

This run was planned carefully. I would park on Washington’s Landing under the 31st Street Bridge. I would warm up on the flat Waterfront Drive then ascend Rialto Street. At the top, I would take a hard right and finish off Ley Street and Lowrie Street, the section of Troy Hill which stretches all the way to Reserve Township. On my first attempt, late last week, the depression of a cold rain and Covid19 meant I never got out of my car. Monday, I parked in the same spot, IMMEDIATELY got out of the car and began.

Washington’s Landing is a cute island in the Allegheny River just off of River Road. The 31st Street Bridge roars high above. It’s history includes an early visit by none other than George Washington, as well as uses as a rendering plant and a rail yard. It has since been redeveloped and currently contains a little park, a street of condos, some hiking paths and a restaurant. It also has these little pergolas overlooking the water on both sides of the narrow island.

Now that the warmup was over, I headed for Troy Hill, going up the Rialto Street Steps. Troy Hill houses are only about 100 years older than those condos, and honestly, don’t look too bad. Perhaps a bit closer together.

While going up Rialto, whether by foot or by car, is not for the faint of heart, once there, it’s pretty flat. It was stoop time and folks were out on their porches. I ran back and forth on the streets and alleys, inciting all the dogs to bark, from tiny white puff balls with their high yips to large black and brown hounds with their deep woofs. I came across several community gardens, perched on the cliffs over the Allegheny. There was a hint of a staircase which was clearly closed. Nothing below it but Route 28, far below. Voegtly Cemetery was bigger than I expected and a number of streets dead-ended into it.

I’m finished with most of Troy Hill. There’s only a section of Troy Hill Road, as it borders Reserve Township, which remains. This was a nice run and I was glad I did it finally.

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