January Catch Up

Hey there, we’re half-way through February, Valentine’s Day is over and the weather is flirting with Spring. So, it’s about time to show you the other runs I did in January. All of my posts to this point have been directly related to ONE run. Sometimes long, sometimes short. This will be different. I’ll show you the Strava maps I’ve taken for a number of runs, with just a short sentence or two about each one. I have made pretty good progress in January, with nearly 110 miles and over 7,300 feet of elevation gain. I’m still working on listing which streets I’ve run, which is quite the endeavor in and of itself. February is feverishly waiting in the wings.

Run All The Streets 0014

Clearly a Steel City Road Runners run. Look at those downtown loops!

Run All The Streets 0015

Pre-Pro Bike run. Getting some elevation and doing ALL of Douglas Street! Yay!

Run All The Streets 0016

The Pro-Bike & Run route going through Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill, and Shadyside.

Run All The Streets 0018

The Pierogi run! Seventeen miles with Pro-Bike and Run with a CF fundraiser at the end. That was an awesome run and a great time afterwards. I might touch on this one again, as we did some interesting places, such as the Armstrong Tunnel.

Run All The Streets 0019

Looks like another Pro-Bike & Run group run. I must have been running with somebody to keep a nice route like that!

Run All The Streets 0020

This run was clearly on my own – look at all those little dead-ends! This marks the last run of January for me. As I recall, there were a couple more days in January, but they were very cold ( no warmer than 10 degrees), so I was prudent and didn’t run outside. This effort to run different streets sometimes means I just run one street away from a “normal” route, or that I take that little red-brick alley off to the side.

Now, on, on, to February and the next 100 miles in this journey!

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