Turtle Way

Turtle Way in the East Allegheny Neighborhood of Pittsburgh

This was a run from Threadbare Cider with Steel City Road Runners Club. Threadbare Cider brews their excellent ciders there and often have tours attached to a yoga class, or another activity. But tonight, this was a scheduled run organized by one of the Steel City leaders. No explanations of making cider this time! This was also my first run in a week. I had fallen on an earlier run, bruising a knee and hand. In the grand scheme of things, it was nothing. In my running, it was a set-back.

Setting out just slightly after everyone else, I just couldn’t close the gap it seemed. Then I came across Turtle Way and thought “how appropriate”! I took a pic and trundled down the dark alley. (BTW, I don’t think there are ACTUALLY Godzilla-sized turtles in East Allegheny, as shown on the map. Didn’t see one, at least.)

But, to my surprise, one of the last groups was stopped at a light. It turns out a runner had become light headed, and everyone was waiting for him to feel better, with phones out for a quick 911 call if needed. He recovered, the group started running again, me with them. I had the pleasure of talking with Neil, a runner friend who has just recovered from a brain tumor. It was great to see him out running. We talked about falling, recovering and moving on.

Moving on, we did. The group spread out, some faster, some slower. As we looped around Allegheny Center, I passed a few women who had started walking, but was far behind those who had kept running. The group was now spread out. Some doing five miles, some doing three miles. As it was my first time back, I chose three and slowly made my way back to Threadbare.

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