Duck Hollow to Downtown
RATS #00123 – Summerset to Duck Hollow to Downtown

Today’s run was all about LSD, Long Slow Distance. I really nailed the slow part. Eventually I got the distance. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Like many a Saturday run, this started with serious preparations on Friday night. In particular, getting out for early dancing and drinking, instead of hanging out with the later crowd. That was fun, I must say. But this isn’t a dancing and drinking blog, its a running blog, so on, on!

Next, as per routine, I turned off the 6:30 alarm, valuing an extra hour of sleep as I mentally prepared for the arduous task ahead. When I finally arose, it was too late to join the group runs of the day. That was a bit sad, but I soldiered on. Finally, a route decision was needed.

In times like these, I try to have a couple of anchor streets I want to get to and let the rest of the run flow from there. I decided I wanted to explore Blair St in Hazelwood. It wasn’t very far away, maybe two miles, so I needed to add on mileage, by going the opposite direction!

Thus, I started my run by going to Summerset. In a February post, Lost-in-Your-Hazel-Highs , I have some pictures from Summerset. This time, when I exited Summerset, after going round and round in one cul-de-sac after another, I turned left and went down to Duck Hollow.

Duck Hollow has one road into it and only a few roads around the neighborhood. This was my first time there and I was surprised at how open it felt. There are, maybe, twenty houses there, most with large yards. It is surrounded by big hills. The lone person I saw quickly went inside When I ran by. I think cats would like it here.

The I ascended the hill and ran into Hazelwood. I covered some little streets there, notably Nansen St, which is now closed off due to the road sliding off the hill. I must say everyone I saw there gave me a friendly greeting, from the kid playing ball in his front yard, to the older, bald man having coffee on his porch. Cleverly continuing to run away from Blair St, I was astounded how many long streets there were above Second Ave. Eventually, when Gertrude St became an alley, I turned around. Second Ave is busy, rather dirty and flat. Not much to say here. When I got to Hazelwood Ave, I made the right onto Blair St. This is an area which is being redeveloped. CMU’s “Future of Manufacturing” is taking shape here.

Blair St is about 1.25 miles of flat, curving sidewalk, surrounded by weeds and construction vehicles. Views of the Mon and downtown started to improve as I got closer to the end. Hopefully this area will see a similar revival as other river trails in Pittsburgh.

From there, I wandered through Southside and Downtown until I got my whole 18 in. Will write more later, but got to run!

PS: Finding myself downtown after 18 miles, I took the bus home. No reason to do 25 miles!

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