Whew! Wet Arlington!

RATS #00183

This has been a long work week. It started, as most my weeks do, with Monday. It was a crazy day and I had crazily decided to run between work and yoga. I was intending just a few miles to pick up on some new streets.

I parked near Arlington Field and started off. Down Norte Way, onto Jonquil Street, these streets were small, very wet and picked through small houses with small yards and fences and lots of dogs. I kept thinking about the Twilight Bark from 101 Dalmations, as the dogs kept howling as I drew near. There were small groups of deer roaming freely, too. At one point, I saw a hill and figured I should go up it. Turns out, I had run out of the city again! This time it was into the Mt. Oliver enclave.

Getting increasingly cold and wet, I returned to my car after a few miles. Not a big run, but I was a bit proud of my determination to get a few new streets in. Then I tried to upload the Garmin data – no dice. I kept trying for the rest of the evening, even copying the .fit file onto my computer at home and trying to upload it directly to Garmin. Somehow, it had gotten corrupted. But, yay! There’s a fix for that!

I found this site “Garmin online fit repair tool” , uploaded my corrupted file and within seconds, had a good one to download. Whew! I was pretty happy about that, so I didn’t have to redo this run.

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