Splish Splash

Watery RATS #00190

“Why would the runner who dislikes cold and dark run in the cold and dark?”

Because the next day will be much colder…and beer”

I started near the Squirrel Hill Pro-Bike and Run Store. Got a good pre-wetting just waiting for the Garmin to get satellite. Apparently, it didn’t like the rain either and took roughly a year to sync. Nonetheless, eventually it did and I took off towards Point Breeze. It was a wild night – wind and rain lashing against the few pedestrians out there. I sprinted down Edgerton towards Homewood Avenue, only stopping for a moment to capture the spooky entrance arch to Frick Park.

That area was very dark. It lightened up a bit as I ran under the Homewood-Brushton viaduct. I caught Hamilton Avenue and ran East. It was mostly puddle-jumping and avoiding the surprising amount of traffic. The smoked BBQ place at North Braddock was going strong, the smokers adding to the eeriness of the night.

By the time I had gotten to Rosedale Street, surprisingly wide, I had had enough and made my way back to PBR. I didn’t see much of the neighborhood, but it was a mix of decrepit, old warehouses, newer neat houses and dark, brick row houses.