New Map

Latest streets only map

Just letting you know I’ve caught up with the map tracing and have put up my latest maps. (Tapering is a great time to catch up on things!)

So, comparing to the previous maps, I’ve filled in much of the “Continental” Pittsburgh between the Allegheny and the Mon, and have started to make some progress in the North and South. Running North up to Venture Street was quite an adventure, but there are many more streets untouched. The furthest South I’ve been is in Hazelwood, almost at the Glenwood Bridge. A spur of Pittsburgh juts out another two miles south of that bridge. On the Western side, I’ve made it to Crafton Heights and Corliss. In the East, I’ve made it to the East Hills. On one hand, I feel accomplished for doing so much. On the other, I feel pretty small in the face of the whole city.