Scaring Crows Away
RATS #00148

This was a short run on a chilly, misting, gloomy night. As I ran around North Oakland, my light and clinking keys kept disturbing hundreds of crows from their roosts. Perched in the tops of spreading oak trees, they would start to flap and shimmer as I approached, leaving with a mass rush of wings when I was right under them. Caw, caw, caw!

Call me at “1-800-Disperser-of-Crows” if you want to get all those noisy, pooping, black birds out of your life.

Two short miles. Only, my second RATS run this November. What’s going on? Early November included tapering for a marathon, then running that marathon. Mid-November was a combination of recovering and getting used to the earlier nightfall and colder temps. Here I am, in late November, with Thanksgiving looming. My trail running is starting to pick up and by the time this gloomy November is over, I will be back on the streets, covering new ground. (And perhaps scaring more crows away.)