Darlington, Frick Park to Schenley Golf Course

Run All The Streets 0031: Darlington

<This must be read with a Southern Drawl>

“Why Darling? It’s only 1.32 miles from start to finish. You can do that, I’m sure.”, she says, tossing her lush black tresses over her bare shoulders. “But it’s dark, and chilly and hilly, and I don’t know where I’ll end up!” I whine.

Movie scripts going on inside my head, sparked by the street’s name, “Darlington Avenue”. It isn’t far, but I’m not too motivated and this street is, indeed, hilly. I’m not exactly sure where I’ll end up, but I think it will be around the Schenley Golf course. There’s also the added benefit of being able to actually traverse a street COMPLETELY in one run.

So, I mosey on. Darlington Avenue is a hidden gem, with large houses and nice lawns. It is one way in several spots and is just one block south of Forbes. Where it intersects Beechwood Avenue, Darlington climbs up a steep hill and provides an amazing short-cut to drivers going to Beechwood. From the top of that hill, Darlington crosses all the major Squirrel Hill arteries, Shady, Murray, Wightman. It passes the old Silky’s (now “The Warehouse Pub & Grub”) right next to the Manor Theater. It passes behind the JCC and St. Edmund’s Academy on it’s way to the Schenley Park Golf Course.

Running it is pretty nice. Only have to dodge a car once in awhile and I could always run on the sidewalk. After Wightman, the street becomes almost park-like. There are a few other runners out. Getting to the Schenley Park end, I have a choice – take the easy route and go up to Forbes, or dive down on Serpentine Drive to Bartlett. Being lazy that night, darling, I take the easy way out.

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