Confusion Run

Map of run
Run All The Streets 0032

Squirrel Hill North, Squirrel Hill South, South Point Breeze

3 miles or 5 miles, but it is actually 4.56 miles

We’ve run this a million times, but I’ve never gone THIS way.

Turn left onto Homewood. We’re parallel to Homewood, we’ll never intersect!

Go straight on Linden to Beechwood. No! To get to Beechwood, we need to take a right here!

At least we’re the slowest group, so we can follow all those fast runners. Hey, why are they running toward us now?!?

Is there another running group doing this route? Wow, lots of fast folks passing us now! What? They are ALL PBR?!

March 6, 2019 will live in infamy as that strange twilight on which 98% of runners reported running the wrong way, pace and/or distance. Apparently the Bermuda Triangle has moved northwest. Why wasn’t it warmer?

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