March Catch Up

Navasana on the run

Run All The Streets 0034: Can you see a boat pose in there?

This was a wandering run, just a few miles to warm up before doing stairs at the Cathedral of Learning. To avoid the parking nightmare that is Pitt, I parked about a mile away in Schenley Park. I explored a bit of CMU, completing Frew Street even to the hilltop, where the street becomes cobblestone and disappears into a trail. I then descended all the way to the bottom of the hill, where The Children’s School is tucked away. Time for stairs, so I ran to the Cathedral then round and round till I hit 4 miles. The route that got mapped out looks like a stick figure with short legs doing a boat pose, Navasana. With that…Namaste

PBR Evening 5 Miler

Run All The Streets 0035

This was a fun run with Pro Bike. Several people who ran the LA Marathon the Sunday before came out and regaled us with stories of the trip and race. Makes me want to do it next year.

PBR Wednesday run

PBR: Run All The Streets 0038

Another fun run with Pro Bike. As usual at the last run of the month, there were goodies awaiting us at the store!


Thus ends March. I’ve been doing this project for a little over 3 months and I’m finding the writing about the runs harder than the runs themselves. The goal of having a presentable map for the 50th run is still on target. The city is amazing in the views and crazy streets and cool little neighborhoods. I’ve grand schemes for including other data as well, but that will take more time.

I hope you’re enjoying this project! Thanks for reading along.

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  1. Every time I see “PBR” I think of the beer! 🙂 haha! Incredible that trip #50 is fast approaching – congrats!

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